I wantlibertees® was born in 2005 an attempt to wake up the sleeping masses.  Ever since, we've offered our designs for sale on "print on demand" sites like RedBubble, Amazon Merch, Zazzle, etc. In the last few years, more and more of our designs were being rejected for "violating community guidelines."  It seemed we weren't allowed to sell t-shirts about certain subjects for some reason.  The last straw was when these platforms rejected our "Let Kids be Kids" design.  How could the idea of letting a kid be a kid be objectionable to anyone but a pedophile?  We now knew if we wanted to keep spreading our message, we'd have to build our own censorship-free store.  And, here it is!  We hope you like unfettered access to our ideas and we look forward to the capitalist marketplace rewarding the best ones with sales success.  Thank you so much for your support!